Every individual lives by a set of priorities, a set of values. Things that are most important to least important in their life. Whatever is most important, we are spontaneously inspired from within to fulfill it. Whatever is highest on your list, you don’t need to be reminded to do it. As you go down the list of values you require outside motivation to get you to do it. You’re never going to achieve what you want and live an inspired life if you spend all your time on things that are low on values. You have to be willing to delegate and prioritise. Anytime you set a goal that is aligned with your highest value, you increase the probability that you’re going to achieve it. Anytime you set a goal that’s aligned with lower values, you decrease the probability. When you align your goals with your highest values you will also increase your self-worth, your certainty, your presence, your confidence, your self-belief and you also expand you goals to something bigger.

For example, my values are teaching and working out in the gym. So, when I set the goals of hosting a seminar every week and deadlifting 300kg, I have immediately increased my chances of achieving those goals.

Chess players will burn 10,000 calories a day

Chess players need to be in the ‘zone’ and focused when they are making critical decisions in a match. They are thinking 30 moves ahead and playing all of the possibilities through their head. If I was to play chess though… I wouldn’t be burning 10,000 calories because chess isn’t high on my values. I don’t have the skill or ability to see 30 moves ahead and I will be less likely to get into the ‘zone’.

When you’re in the ‘zone’ doing something you love, you are thinking of the big picture, which makes you think more (and burn more calories from thinking). If you do something that isn’t high on your values, like underwear shopping… you won’t be in the ‘zone’ thinking of the big picture and you will definitely not be burning 10,000 calories.

No one else is going to make your life fulfilled and bring you closer to your goals. You are the only one that is in control of reaching your goals. If you’re not living to your highest value, then you’re letting others dictate your life. You will not be living in align to your core values so you’ll be looking for other areas of your life for instant gratification or a dopamine hit. Food, sex, drugs, social media, texting, emails, video games, TV, porn are all things that will make you waste time and form unhealthy habits that aren’t leading you closer to your goals and giving you a fulfilling life.

Ask yourself these questions every day:

  • What do I love to do?
  • How do I get handsomely paid to do it?
  • What are the highest priority changes I can do today to make it happen?
  • What obstacles might I run into and how do I solve in advance
  • What worked and didn’t work today
  • How do I do it more effective and efficiently
  • How did whatever I experience today, how did it serve me and fulfill my mission

If you ask yourself those questions every day, it’s impossible not to make progress towards your goals and your amazing life.

Here is the full seminar I did on values:

Determine your values:

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