How do we create change? I’m sure some of you have all made new year’s resolutions and said “I’ll start this on Monday” or, “I’m going to lose this extra muffin top weight” or “I’m going to be more positive” etc…  You might start doing it for a couple hours… then you break a nail and you fall back into old habits.

Your brain is the memory bank for everything you have ever done, felt, thought or learnt about in your life. Your brain is more comfortable with what it knows and has done before. It’s the same as if you were going to pick up a pen right now and write your name on a piece of paper. Seriously, think about doing it…. Ok nice, now what hand did you pick the pen up with? Probably your dominant hand. Well, every time you get stressed or deal with an uncomfortable situation, your brain is going to remember the last time you got out of that situation and do the same thing! Imagine the thought that would go into picking up that pen with you non dominant hand every time! And that’s something simple… Imagine trying to retrain your brain so that you don’t think negative thoughts anymore! It’s not going to be easy, but I will give you some hot tips on how you can improve in just a few minutes a day.

This negative thought loop starts before the birds start chirping with that pesky alarm. The sound of the sirens go off and instantly “ughhhhhhhhh I have to go to work”. You immediately start thinking about your problems and the problem with problems is that they are just memories of the past.

Hot tip #1- Your brain isn’t very good at remembering things. Your brain doesn’t store memories like a nicely organised school library. The memories are scattered throughout your brain like your dog’s wagging tail has just knocked over your 10,000-piece puzzle onto the floor. When you remember something, you’re trying to assemble all of those puzzle pieces back together and when you can’t find all the pieces… you use your creative imagination. In other words, you make stuff up.

Your brain isn’t good at remembering things, so when you remember your problems, they are actually much worse than you think. Your boss actually isn’t that mean to you, Becky isn’t a horrible person for not liking your last Instagram photo, Phil isn’t going to judge you for eating that chocolate chip muffin yesterday.

If your mind is thinking about the problems in the past, your body will start to recreate the same chemical energy of negativity and think that your back in the office where your boss was yelling at you for not warming his coffee up to the right temperature. You get pulled into the unforgiving production line of fear, anxiety, self-doubt and failure.

Hot tip #2- Quit the production line. Start to take control of your own emotions by sitting in a quiet room with no distractions, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, meditate.

Do you think that your thoughts have something to do with your future?

90% of your thoughts you already thought yesterday, so, If you answer YES to the question above then if most of your thoughts you already thought yesterday, and your thoughts have something to do with your future… then your past predicts your future. To change the future we need to change our thoughts! And do change our thoughts we need to take the reins on that untrained monkey that’s hitting all the buttons in the control centre of our brain. Follow hot tip #2.

Instead of just doing meditation. Think about why you’re doing the meditation, look at your long-term goals for the future and see how meditation will help you change your mindset towards that goal and achieve it. Start to enjoy the process of becoming your future self and not living in the past. If you keep focusing more on the future and less on the past, you will become your future. It will not be about saying “I’ll be happy when” it will be about enjoying the process of becoming your future.

In my next seminar and blog post I will describe in more detail how to meditate! Until then, you will have to use a meditation app such as Waking Up with Sam Harris, 10 percent happier, headspace or calm. You can also search “Joe Dispenza meditation” on YouTube.

Thanks for reading!

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