What is meditation?

Meditation is familiarising yourself with the present moment. Most people think that meditation is about having no thoughts and stopping the mind. If you imagine a waterfall, the water coming down in the waterfall is all of your thoughts.

Meditation is training for less emotional reactivity. In other words, it gives us control over our emotions instead of having a knee jerk reaction to everything that happens in our lives.

During mediation we are looking for a balance of focus and relaxation. All you need to do is to take 10 minutes out a day to step back, to familiarize ourselves with the present moment so that we get to experience a greater sense of focus, calm and clarity in our lives.

A perfect example of not being in control of our mind is when you’re driving. Someone cuts you off. Imagine someone who cuts you off as a gust of wind. Now you don’t yell at the wind when its to fast do you? Just accept what happens and be in the moment.

How to meditate?

I like using guided meditation apps or YouTube videos. Waking up, 10 Percent, Calm and Headspace are all great.

There are 3 steps to most meditations. As long as you remember these 3 steps then you will achieve ‘meditation’

  1. Sit up right
  2. Focus on your breath
  3. When your mind wanders, return to your breath

Before I was meditating, I would let my mind automatically decide how I was going to feel. It was filled with uncomfortable thoughts of shame and judgement. I constantly felt the craving for noise or a distraction. I was never present in the moment with my friends, my family, my clients and most importantly myself. Meditation has helped me reduce my stress, get better sleep, improve my relationships, focus on my business and improve my mental clarity.

All of this from just 10 minutes a day. Now if you don’t meditate, when was the last time you sat down and did exactly nothing for 10 minutes? We are always in a hurry to go somewhere or do something, text someone or hear from someone. Not even thinking about the past or planning for the future, when was the last 10 minutes?

Your mind is the only thing you have, without your mind you would have nothing. It is our most valuable asset to achieving anything in life. It makes us feel happy, content, emotionally stable and at the same time, to be kind and thoughtful. To perform our best at anything we do, we need to use our mind. Yet we spend more time watching TV and washing the car then taking care of our mind.

We live in a society where we feel like we have to constantly be stimulated. If we aren’t watching, listening to, or writing something…your wasting your time and your just being lazy and unproductive.

As a result, we get stressed. Our mind is craving distraction, its living in past events that could have gone better or thinking of future problems. We are no longer present in the world we live in.

It’s easy to turn to alcohol, drugs, sex or social media to make us feel good and to temporarily fix our problems but it’s not dealing with the root cause. Our mind.

To strengthen our mind like we do bicep curls for our biceps. Meditation is a positive, practical, achievable, scientifically proven technique which allows our mind and body to be healthier in the long term.

Meditation helps with:

  • Immune system
  • Sleep
  • Confidence
  • Seeing the positive
  • Exercise
  • Communication
  • Minimising stress and anxiety
  • Staying in the present
  • Compassion
  • Tolerance and acceptance
  • Willpower
  • The capacity to love

You can’t control what happens to you externally, you can always control what happens internally. Meditation will help you gain control over your monkey mind and give you access to more confidence to follow your true values.

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